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Therapeutic HMST

Therapeutic Holographic Meridian Scraping Therapy (HMST) is more intensive than Health Care HMST and usually performed by a practitioner in a clinical setting. In most cases the buffalo horn scraperpatient feels an immediate shift in their condition, particularly in their pain or mobility. Therapeutic HMST improves lymphatic drainage, which releases the stagnant Qi and blood. There will be an instant reduction of fever and sweating when the local sweat pores are opened and pathogenic harmful elements are released. jade scraperIn modern medical terms metabolic waste is causing congestion in the body. Therapeutic scraping promotes circulation and normalizes metabolic processes. It is a valuable treatment for both external and internal pain, and facilitates the resolution of both acute and chronic disorders. It is a completely safe treatment performed with a Buffalo Horn or Jade plate.

Workshop Details

This is a unique opportunity to learn a self healing technique to be used in your home or business. It is an empowering tool enabling you to assess and treat pain or other symptoms for yourself and family. Excellent for parents to use in their children's health care. Energy Practitioners will find this technique particularly helpful in supporting their clients through a healing crisis.Therapeutic HMST is usually performed by a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner to prevent and treat disease.

Workshop includes "hands on" practice to learn:

Theoretical Instruction of:

Upon completion of this 2 day workshop you will be comfortable performing the Therapeutic Holographic Meridian Scraping Theory Technique.