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Sound Qi Gong

Qi Gong is an ancient healing exercise that has been practiced for thousands of years to help prevent and treat disease. The practice of Qi Gong during a time of healing helps one recover more quickly. Qi Gong can increase energy, reduce stress, restore vitality and regain flexibility.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi is the Chinese word for "life energy". Gong means "work" or "benefits through practice". Qi Gong means working with the life energy through breathing and gentle movements to improve health and harmony.

There are many different types of Qi Gong. Cindy Yixin Zhang of the Burlington Acupuncture Clinic teaches Sound Qi Gong which has been an important aspect in her own healing.

Six different sounds are produced to help strengthen the internal organs and balance the Yin Yang Meridians. Each different sound vibration acts as a meditation for the mind and stimulates the specific organs to improve the flow of Qi and blood.

Workshop Details

Join Cindy to learn this effective, self-healing, breathing exercise of Sound Qi Gong so that you may practice on a daily basis to achieve optimal health. Cindy will share her understanding of how to maintain health and promote healing from the inside out.

Learn "hands on" exercise techniques to:

Wear comfortable clothes. The excercises may be performed while sitting in a chair.