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Health Care HMST

Health Care Holographic Meridian Scraping Therapy (HMST) uses a Buffalo Horn Comb to stimulate the Yin Yang Meridians and Holographic areas of your body. This will enhance Qi and Blood flow as well as lymphatic drainage for prevention and treatment of pain or disease. Health Care HMST is easy to learn and practice on your own, convenient to do anytime, anywhere and only takes 5- 30 minutes per day. Scraping on a daily basis can enhance the immune system and keep the body healthly. There are no side effects or adverse reactions.

Health Care HMST is beneficial for:

Respiratory ProblemsHigh Blood Pressure
Cardiovascular ProblemsHigh Cholesterol
Digestion ProblemsObesity
Neck & Back PainJoint pain
Enhance Immune SystemHigh acid in the body, arthritis or cancer
Lymphatic Drainage

Workshop Details

This is a unique opportunity to learn a Self Healing technique to be used in your home. It is an empowering tool, enabling you to assess and treat pain or other symptoms for yourself and family. Excellent for parents to use in their children's Health Care.

Workshop includes "hands on" practice to learn:

The more a person practices Health Care HMST on their body, the better understanding they have of their own health.

Upon completion of this workshop you will be comfortable performing Health Care HMST