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Cosmetic HMST

Cosmetic Holographic Meridian Scraping Therapy (HMST) is the finest and safest skin care available today. Jade Scraper Used for Cosmetic HMSTCosmetic HMST is important because there are 9 Meridians and a large Holographic area on the face that reflects the general body health. This special technique uses a Jade plate and Herbal cream to stimulate Qi and blood flow through the Meridians and Holographic area of the face to generate a healthy glow and enhance your overall well-being by balancing the internal organs.

Cosmetic HMST provides the following benefits:

Cosmetic HMST treatment is now available at the Burlington Acupuncture Clinic. Experience this relaxing facial massage or learn to perform the technique on yourself at our workshop.

Workshop Details

Learn to do your own daily Facial Skin Care with the benefits of a FACE LIFT without surgery, chemicals, needles, side effects or adverse reactions. It is easy to learn, affordable, convenient to do anytime, anywhere and only takes 10-30 minutes a day.

Workshop consists of "hands on" practice to learn Cosmetic HMST so that you are confident and comfortable performing the technique


Please note that Cosmetic HMST should NOT be performed on people with the following problems:

Cosmetic Holographic Meridian Scraping Theory can be combined with other cosmetic care, but please note that it is important to wait 20 days after a facial peel.